The therapist presents to the patient and family the correct techniques of therapeutic exercise, gait training and the use of assistive devices such as walkers and canes – all meant to increase the patient’s freedom of movement and independence. In addition, we offer practical advice on safely completing daily routines such as getting out of the bathtub or transferring from the bed to a chair.


One-on-one instruction with our Speech Therapists will assist in regaining communicative skills that might have been compromised due to a stroke, head injury or diseases of the mouth, tongue or larynx. Therapists will utilize special, personalized techniques to improve the enunciation of words, increase reading comprehension and develop muscle coordination to facilitate swallowing; all meant to better assist you in getting your message across.


Professional Nursing Service’s Occupational Therapists evaluate a patient’s self-care; work and leisure time skills and implement programs designed to complete these tasks more satisfactorily. Personal care bathing, feeding, leisure time and homemaking activities are stressed.