Professional Nursing Service employs qualified RN’s and LPN’s who are sensitive to individual health care needs. While actively promoting the health and comfort of each patient, they also skillfully instruct the patient in the areas of medication, nutrition, activity, tolerance and much more.

All services administered to the patient by the home health nurse, whether it is IV therapy, stoma care or simply a routine assessment visit are immediately documented and reported to the attending physician. The same RN performs all skilled nursing and coordinated inter-disciplinary services from admission through discharge. Friendly, competent care from a qualified professional is what you can expect from our skilled nurses!


People qualifying for psychiatric home services include those with depression, substance abuse, schizophrenia, anxiety, psychotic, affective and adjustment disorders. Also included are those with secondary emotional problems related to a physical condition. With psychiatric home care, patients learn to manage their illness at home with the goal of becoming more independent and spending less time in the hospital.


Our newborn/pediatric nurse’s are available to assess, teach and coordinate newborn/pediatric care with community agencies, as well as provide high-tech nursing. The nurse works in collaboration with parents/expectant mothers to provide optimal outcomes while offering emotional support to the patient and family.